Opening night of Ruinart Maison 1729 in Berlin with artist Eva Jospin

The Amtsalon in Berlin has been the perfect venue for an extraordinary event during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2023, featuring French artist Eva Jospin, who this year was given carte blanche by the prestigious French champagne house Ruinart for their annual artist project. Entitled ‘Promenade(s) en Champagne’, the exhibition showcased Jospin’s intricate cardboard sculptures and a collection of drawings, sculptures and embroideries that recreate the cycles of history and vegetation, as in the creation of champagne. The exhibition is a celebration of Jospin’s skill and dedication to creating visually stunning and conceptually engaging artworks that are, in fact, always in process, just like the champagne grape being harvested.

French artist Eva Jospin and Jasmin Khezri at the opening of Ruinart Maison 1729 at the Amtsalon in Berlin, showing me on her mobile phone her renderings of how she begins to create a work of art. It always starts with a sketch and a colour chart, which she then gives to her assistants who create the work.


The Ruinart pop up combines art, fine dining by Sophia Rudolph and champagne to create an unforgettable experience.
The entire Amtsalon has been transformed into an art venue with a gallery space, restaurant, champagne bar and champagne boutique.
French artist Eva Jospin’s stunning installations dominate the gallery space, showcasing her unique approach to sculpture, using cardboard to create intricate and detailed forest landscapes. Her work is both delicate and powerful, leaving guests in awe of the creativity and skill on display.

The temporary Ruinart Champagne Bar at the Amtsalon, Kantstraße 79 in Berlin, which will be open from 27 April to 2 May.


For the opening night of the exhibition, award-winning chef Sophia Rudolph of Berlin’s Lovis Restaurant created a special ‘Food for Art’ menu inspired by Eva Jospin’s work for Ruinart. Rudolph’s innovative approach to fine dining did not disappoint, with each course carefully crafted to complement the champagne, resulting in a truly memorable dining experience.

The art Talk with French artist Eva Jospin and Lisa Zeitz from Weltkunst. Kunst Magazin der ZEIT


All in all, the Ruinart experience at the Amtsalon Gallery is a true celebration of art, fine food and champagne, and one that you should visit during Berlin’s Gallery Weekend from 27 April to 2 May. You can experience the combination of Jospin’s stunning installations and Rudolph’s innovative cuisine on the spot.

An embossing machine that allows you to personalize your Box of Champagne you can get at the Ruinart Pop Up shop.

Ruinart has a long history of supporting the arts and this collaboration with Jospin is a testament to that legacy. The exhibition is attracting art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs from around the world. The sculptures are arranged in the spacious and elegant surroundings of the Amtsalon Gallery, creating an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication that matches Ruinart.

Award-winning chef Sophia Rudolph, who creates an experience with her fine cuisine that is also a feast for the eyes.


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This year’s invitation card design for Ruinart Maison 1729, illustrated by IRMA (Jasmin Khezri)