NailART: tacky & trashy or a new Must?



… usually the term „nail design“ wants to make me run away or vomit thunder… but there are some gems out there who magically turn nails into something pretty, pretty… far away from the white trailer trash and shabby chic kind of look., but art on your fingertips. I hear Peggy Bundy sobbing.

We found three salons that make you look twice when having a manicure that look like a Frank Stella painting or an artwork by Imi Knöbel .


This Los Angeles based neighbourhood kind of Salon puts it’s emphasize on kindness and professional technique. The Logo itself could be related to your favorite new blog or casual fashion brand and this might have all happened because owner Sarah Gibson Tuttle a pedi obsessed New York girl wants to have her salon as pretty and professional as possible on her shop design and of course your fingertips.


You will be overwhelmed when entering the small salon by the colour possibilities, bright and cheerfull you will walk by the shelves and hopefully your choice will come easily.
Go on their website under inspiration and give it a try.
By the way did you know that you nails ARE a canvas?


Oh dear, what happens , when the former beauty editor, Eleonor Langston opens a nail salon together with her Creative director Julie Kandalec ? We love the idea of thoughtfully edited nail design and editor picks Must Have colours. Come and see for yourself and you will keep changing your polish on a daily bases.
By the way visit their website and meet the people who are their clients and acting high in the creative fields.

Forget about magazines it`s all carefully edited in store.