Morning Flow at Rosewood Munich with Conny Lehmann

One of the highlights of the Rosewood Pop Up, where we presented our collection, was a yoga class with Conny Lehmann. A qualified yoga teacher, Conny studied sports before discovering the practice of yoga during her pregnancy in 2005. She sees yoga not just as a sport, but more as a state of mind to balance your overall wellbeing. In 2020 she founded Cyfarm, a yoga school and organic farm in the middle of Starnberg, Germany, situated in a lush vegetable garden and serving vegan food concepts in her café.

Warming up

IRMA: You are the founder of CYFARM, what is the concept behind this farm in the middle of Starnberg?
I wanted to create a happy, healthy, and relaxing place in Starnberg. A little hideaway where people can come together for yoga classes, eat vegan, sit in the garden surrounded by flowers, fruit, and vegetables. I also offer retreats and private yoga brunches. (Farm to table)
I really believe in the power of yoga and plants 😉

Yoga Flow at Rosewood Munich

IRMA: When teaching a yoga class to a group with different levels, what is the key to creating a balanced class?
CONNY LEHMANN: The key is to offer different options for each asana and to work with props.

IRMA: You start with breathing. How important is breathing, not only in yoga, but in everyday life and sports in general?
CONNY LEHMANN: Breathing is key in yoga. It has a calming effect on the mind and body.
It connects you to your body and to the present moment.


IRMA: How can you transfer or extend your breathing technique to your daily life?
CONNY LEHMANN: Meditation as a daily practice helps you to work on your breathing technique. Be aware of your breath. Just try to deepen your breath when you think about it. When you breathe deeper, your body gets more oxygen, you are more focused, you have more energy, but you are calmer.

Jasmin Khezri Collection and YOGA

IRMA: Scent is important in your practice. What do you use and how do you use it?
CONNY LEHMANN: I use an aloe vera cream with lavender, geranium and mandarin to relieve stress and muscle pain. Having a nice scent on your skin helps you to breathe in and out more deeply.

Yoga bag: Hand-painted 70’s vintage Louis-Vuitton

IRMA: What supplements/herbs do you recommend after practice, especially if you suffer from sore muscles?
CONNY LEHMANN: I recommend drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Coconut water is perfect if you have sore muscles or weakness. It’s full of electrolytes and magnesium.

Invitation by IRMASWORLD for the YOGA FLOW at the Rosewood Munich