MOCKTAILS: Delicious Drinking without boozing

We are back to work which means no more Rosé till next summerJ and back to a healthy lifestyle. But still you want to indulge from time to time with a tasty drink, can you imagine long drinks without alcohol? Quite impossible if you ask me. Yet alcohol free cocktails, also called ‘mocktails’, are proving the contrary and bartender´s come up with the most delicious drinks, alcohol-free.

If you are trying to detox from alcohol or do not feel like downing a heavy drink, but are still craving the luscious notes of wine or the sweet hints of your favorite cocktail, try replacing your gin tonic with a hydrating cucumber and tonic, or your Moscow mule for a blueberry mule.

Don’t miss out on the flairs at your favorite happy hour place and you will be surprised to realize that the drinks may even be more creative and tasty than their counterpart, liquor replacements.

IRMA’s list of favorite mocktails, how to make them at your next brunch, lunch or dinner party or where to taste them next time when you are traveling.


Coconut, Cucumber, Lime, and Mint Cooler

4 cups of coconut water

2 cucumbers sliced thinly

½ cup of lime juice

¼ cup of sugar (optional)

¼ cup of chopped mint leaves

Drink at: Redemption, London


Pineapple Cobbler

1 oz strawberry juice

.5 oz lime juice

3 oz pineapple juice

Club Soda 

Drink at: Ceresio 7, Milan


Moscow Mule Mocktail

¼ cup ginger beer

3 tbsp fresh lime juice

3 tbsp club soda

Crushed Ice

Drink at: Night Jar, London