Living your work dream

Carmen Munoz and her daughter Gabriela Aritio Munoz create a life theory of making together the most bespoke and unique hand painted pieces of porcelain and ceramic art in Madrid.
After living for a long time in Japan, they found their studio where they create and teach together the art of porcelain painting.

Carmen Munoz and her daughter Gabriela Aritio Munoz

IRMA: How did the idea arose to collaborate with your mother for the Carmen Munoz Hand Painted studio?
GABRIELA ARITIO MUNOZ: One of the countries where we lived is Japan (1986-1994). There, my mother learned how to paint on porcelain, while I was still at school, and never quit.
When Carmen came back to Spain, after my university here and some years of working experience in advertising, we decided together to open Carmen Muñoz hand Painted in Madrid. We wanted to make beautiful table ware and also pass on our knowledge and teach people to paint on ceramic.
That happened in December 2006 in a little studio in Huertas neighbourhood, we had 3 students and 2 commissioned works.
After 4 happy and fruitful years we moved to Justiniano Street because we wanted a bigger and more visible location, and this is where we are now.

IRMA: What does artisanal mean for you both?
CARMEN MUNOZ: The soul expressing itself through the hands, looking for excellence.

IRMA: Can you tell us a little bit about your assignments?
GABRIELA ARITIO MUNOZ: We have always done both, painting and teaching but since 2018 Carmen is responsible for the painting artwork and I am for the teaching and modelling or building ceramic commissioned work.

IRMA: How does the procedure for a personal order of a piece of porcelain works?
CARMEN MUNOZ: Normally the client has an idea of design/pattern. Based on ours and his preferences, we paint a first sample plate (if it’s a dinner service) or drawing if it’s a unique bigger art piece. Then we decide together with the client if it’s going to be done on industrial Limoges porcelain or our handmade ceramic/porcelain.
Thanks to this first approach we can give a device to the client and start working if we come to understand each other when works schedule allow us.

IRMA: Where do you find the inspiration for new forms and panted images.
GABRIELA ARITIO MUNOZ: We have found a lot in the aesthetic of the countries where we have lived. Also in nature, textiles, people.

IRMA: What is for you the most important when setting a table for a lunch or dinner with friends?
CARMEN MUNOZ: I look for combinations that break with monotony and the lighting must be warm and cosy.

IRMA: Your favorite spot in Madrid?
CARMEN MUNOZ: The Botanical garden

Carmen Munoz

IRMA: Your dream / plan in the future
GABRIELA ARITIO MUNOZ: Have a house in the countryside with a vegetable garden, water and animals where I can work, teach and gather with interesting people to help each other growing in the ceramic and spiritual world.
CARMEN MUNOZ: Make an art of porcelain painting and work hard to achieve it.

Gabriela Aritio Munoz