Jasmin Khezri Collection – Atelier Visit

Sometimes it is also advantageous when the world as you know it comes to a standstill and reliable daily routines and procedures suddenly no longer apply.
This is what happened in spring 2020, when the COVID 19 pandemic hit us with full force. This unplannable event forced us to rethink and act quickly. New ideas and business models were explored, tested and discarded. But one idea stuck, driven by creativity, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. We knew costume designers from opera and theatre who had no commissions because of the closure and wanted to create something beautiful. This gave rise to the idea for Jasmin Khezri Collection. To design fashion and have it produced locally and sustainably if desired. At first, only directly to the consumer via their own online shop.


In the meantime, the third autumn/winter 2022 collection is on the market, and besides online sales, retailers are also buying the collections. Demand is growing fast and a manufacturer is found in Germany who can produce the designs in the highest quality and who, with his many years of experience, helps us to constantly improve the Jasmin Khezri Collection.

But time is flying and the styles for next summer have already been designed. Here are a few impressions of the development of the collection.

Fabrics and buttons from selected manufacturers are paired


Fabric patches with embroidered iconic IRMA.


The designs are drawn the old-fashioned way with coloured pencils, not on the computer.


Handmade in Germany


A glimpse of the collection.