IRMAS April Beauty Edit

Pick up your favourite summer coffee table book (we love Emilio Pucci), sit down, relax and drink at least 2.5 litres of Plose Water a day, wait and see, your features will relax and your skin will look plum like a peach. Here is our April edit for this month’s beauty routine.

HOURGLASS Highlighter

Because you don’t need full coverage make-up when you’ve got your first tan from spring break. Just a little highlighter on your cheeks and upper lips will make you glow.



Ever since I went to at the Plose spring in the Dolomites, where even the Plose spring water comes out of the tap and fills the resort’s swimming pool, I know that Plose is the best mineral water you can use, inside and out. Plose water has a very high oxygen content: 10 mg/l. This is one of the highest values found in commercial mineral waters, it is pure and pristine at an altitude of 1870m and has one of the lowest sodium contents available, only 1.1 mg/l. Thanks to its extremely low sodium content, it facilitates diuresis, reduces water retention and is particularly recommended for low-sodium diets.



Not only do we like clean and crisp packaging in our bathroom, but this ultra-hydrating and refreshing toner gently exfoliates, smoothes and moisturises your skin for the next level of luminosity. Formulated with NARS’ exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™, it boosts skin clarity, infuses it with intense moisture and minerals, and gives your skin a fresh appearance.


ROUGE HERMÈS, Limited Edition, Mat, Rouge Feu

A matte, hydrating and comfortable lipstick with a second skin effect. The velvety and powdery finish offers an intense and long-lasting colour that we love to wear with no make-up at all, just a little lip colour and, of course, moisturised skin and groomed eyebrows.



It is cherry blossom season, not only in Japan, and we want to bring that scent indoors, a sweet floral note.