IRMA´S April beauty edit

The month of April stands for cleaning. renewing and presenting our senses a warm scent that lift our spirits, especially in times like these. Besides drinking lots of water is especially important now and also helps to cleanse and protect our system against allergies.



Diptique Vanilla candle

This scented candle is so dense with flavours of black vanilla pods and so fragrant that one is enough to perfume your bathroom. The sweet vanilla scent mixes nicely with the spice then discloses its leathery, almost smoky accents when lit with fire. Place it in your bathroom and feel the warmth and embracement the minute you step in for your beauty routine.




Vardis white enamel oral care set

Heathy teeth and gum start with a healthy sugarless nutrition, morning sunflower oil pulling. To have even better results this set of oral care will do the rest. A regenerating mouthwash, instantly brightens your teeth and refresh your breath, an enamel caressing toothbrush, crafted from sustainable swiss beechwood with bristles for optimum cleansing and an enamel anti-aging toothpaste, strengthens and remineralizes and repairs.



Dr. Hauschka facial toner

After your face wash in the morning and at night this facial toner gives your skin a strengthening impulses and fresh feeling. The fine mist contains an unmistakable medicinal plant composition that fortifies and refreshes your complexion., also during the day or on top of your make up.


NESCENS, swiss anti-aging science Zombie cell clearing serum

Nescens cell clearing serum

This product is a master in clearing off dead cells that no longer function to renew the skin.
The formular that has a high concentration of senolytic agents that can target senescent cells and restore tissue. The serum regenerates the skin, reduces redness, improves elasticity, energizes, and improves and refines skin quality. Perfect to use before summer.