How a pedicure can improve your holistic lifestyle

NO SHOES BUT PRETTY FEET AT VALENTINO COUTURE SPRING 2016, The book "Poolside with Slim Aarons" by William Norwich
No shoes but pretty feet at VALENTINO COUTURE Spring 2016, The book “Poolside with Slim Aarons” by William Norwich

Did you know that a pedi-/manicure can actually improve blood circulation and relieve chronic stress? We didn’t but had a chat with Amy May, the spa manager from THINK PINK NAIL & SPA in New York.
By the way our favorite shoes for the coming season are open toe ones…… See below!

IRMA: What do you offer at THINK PINK NAIL & SPA?
AMY MAY: Our services are manicure, pedicure, waxing,  threading, massage, facial, eyebrow and lashes tinting. We also offer nail wraps.

IRMA: What is so special and what is the benefit of nail wraps?
AMY MAY: Wrapping helps weak nail to grow stronger underneath and let the nail color stay longer.

IRMA: What is the best pedi-/manicure treatment?
AMY MAY: Organic pedicure treatment fortified with plant extracts and essential oil aromatherapy helps to promote metabolism and to improve blood circulation. It also relieves chronic stress and exhaustion, leading to a healthier more holistic lifestyle.

IRMA: How do you advise your clients to take care of their nails?
AMY MAY: Weekly manicures and twice a month pedicures will maintain healthy hand and feet. Do not bite nails or cuticles. Use gloves when doing chores. Cuticle oil and lotion keep healthy and pretty nails at hands and feet.

IRMA: What can you do specially to make your natural nails as healthy and pretty as possible?
AMY MAY: Our spa manicure with products of OPI effervescent soak brighten nails and revitalize hands while cleaning, nutrients moisturizer rich help profit skin make your nails so pretty you don’t even need nail polish anymore.

IRMA: The most wanted nail polish and color at the moment?
AMY MAY: A popular light color is Mademoiselle and a dark color is Wicked, both from Essie.

Open shoes from left to right: Valentino Resort 2017, Prada Autumn/Winter 2016, Gucci Resort 2017
Open shoes from left to right: Valentino Resort 2017, Prada Autumn/Winter 2016, Gucci Resort 2017