Floral art

Flowers are making a change. It is not only about the beauty of a simple bunch in a vase, but these florists take their job to a new art form. Whether it is about creating opulent set designs or minimal takes on the table. Take the inspiration and arrange for yourself.



Opera Garnier by Eric Chauvin, Paris

The son of a farmer, 37-year-old Eric Chauvin is the most sought-after florist in Paris. He opened his first shop, Un Jour de Fleurs, in 2000 on posh rue Jean Nicot in the 7th arrondissement. He is known for his opulent staging with flower arrangements and make flowers on a table the talk about town.



Studio Mary Lennox

Studio Mary Lennox is a creative studio specialising in Botanical Design and Botanical Consultancy.

Founded by Ruby Barber, Mary Lennox is named after the protagonist of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel The Secret Garden, a story which celebrates the beauty, mystery, and rejuvenating qualities of nature. Based in Berlin since 2012 and operating worldwide, Studio Mary Lennox works on a wide range of projects across different disciplines, with services that include botanical brand image consultancy, creative and artistic direction, concept creation and creative strategy, content development, scenography, set design and large-scale installation work.



Nora Kherredine

Although Nora Khereddine is a stylist and flower artist her shop is mostly about Objects that offer a mix of consciously curated household items, furniture, Moroccan vintage treasures and lifestyle accessories.
Visit her shop and showroom and you will be inspired by her flower arrangements you can also take home.



Goshá Flowers, Dubai

Natalia of studio Goshá is an experienced contributor to the fashion industry and Goshá has been studying, working with and teaching about flowers for years. The two have come together to launch a creative initiative, Gosha, which produces made-to-order untraditional arrangements of flowers in Dubai: including fruits, herbs and vegetables.
This next step will be to offer a service where they will come and collect your wasted flowers and bring them to their studio, where they will be dried and rearrange so you can keep them forever. Especially for flowers from special occasions such as for your anniversary or from the wedding, they will rearrange them and also create a new, interesting Gosha-style arrangement to be returned in a glass cylinder.
We love this recycling idea.



Cosmos & Plums, London

Cosmos & Plums is a London based floral design studio set up by Kasia Borowiecka. Their versatile approach to floral design is applied to different creative disciplines such as video, still life photography, sculpture & installation. Cosmos & Plums have a unique skill in styling flowers for any occasion and to any brief after a quote by Georgia O’Keefe : When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.



Debeaulieu, Paris

He is the darling of the French Fashion houses who call upon him on a regular basis for the floral decoration of their boutiques, Pierre Banchereau imposed himself in just a few months as THE reference in trendy floral art. Having started his career as a talent scout, he realized he had a green thumb.

Result a boutique worthy of a contemporary art gallery, where one finds on display seasonal flowers, prairie, and tropical flowers, that he assembles while drawing his inspiration from fashion trends and current decorations.

How to choose? Give him a few indications regarding the person you wish to please for a personalized bouquet.


Blumen die Leben, Munich

Founder Silke von Otto is a name in town. She not only arranges flowers for any kind of events but also surprises you with flowers that looks utterly beautiful and not common at all. An always changing selection of plants and flowers you can chose from, besides objects, vases and decorative interior items that add to your home.



Chateau Malmaison by Thierry Boutemy

Thierry Boutemy is a florist based in Brussels, whose ingenious, innocent and precise work derives from a spontaneous creativity inspired by his childhood. Thierry Boutemy hasn’t separated from them. He transforms, almost without realizing it, a hobby born from innocence and illusion into his everyday work – although he admits hating the business side of the job. From haute couture runway shows to films like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette his name stands for artistic flower sets.