Domaine Mirabeau. The sound of cicadas and pink skies at sunset

There is no doubt that a stay at the Domaine Mirabeau sets a new standard for traveling slow.
Why slow? Because time has a different scale in Provence. And that is worth it as you want to hold on to that moment while you are there.

The Domaine Mirabeau is a 14 hectare of AOP Cotes de Provence in the region of Notre Dame des Anges owned by Jeany and Stephen Cronk. The German-Anglo couple came to France from London to realize their dreams of living in the Provence and creating Rosé wine and a way of farming that respects and preserves the surrounding ecosystem.

Their expectations are high and not only hard work, but also the couple’s talent for turning this vineyard into bio dynamic to restoring beautifully the two domains on site.
La Bastide and Le Mas have been reconstructed in 2020 and are now available for rent.

The moment you arrive at Maison Mirabeau the warm July winds pass through the vineyards your feel complete relaxation.

A place where you are close to nature and find out how nature functions at its best in a beautiful countryside defined by vineyards, umbrella pines, cork oak trees and chestnut groves typical of the Plaine des Maures, an ecosystem rich in fauna and flora.

Mirabeau is functioning like a real farm. Free range chickens and ducks provide eggs for the guests as well as eating insects that destroy plants, the pigs Frankie and Digby help reduce our food waste, and alpacas Vince and Pablo provide manure for the vegetable garden. The bee houses along the back at the vineyard have a reason for their setting. Bees are continuously passing their way over the vineyards where they spread their pollen while they are producing honey.

A stay at the Domaine Mirabeau may let you discover the raison d’etre in time like these.
A perfect place to spend a holiday with family and friends and to learn more about wine making, the ecosystem and farm life.

The house has a fully equipped kitchen that invites you to cook your own meals, bought at local fish mongers and farmer’s market. This region is rich in good, substantial products and known for its simple but wonderful cuisine.


Not much is needed to enjoy the day at the Bastide, just some chilled rosé, a good book and a mind that drifts into the bliss of summer.