Detox now!


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It’s just a few days away and the German Lenten season is over. So it’s the perfect time to think about your food and lifestyle. Cause everybody talks about detox, but the most of us don’t know what detox really is. Because detox is not just to lose some weight and buy some detox drinks to salve one’s conscience. It is much more and if you do it right it’s the best for your health and your mind. Irma`s motto: Bring the bad out of the body and give it only the best food, drink and some extras.


We have a talk with nutrition and detox expert Caroline Bienert, how it works for you best.

Caroline Bienert developed her detox@home programm for everybody who wants to do a real and save detox. In this booklet for an step-by-step 8-days-cure you find a shopping list receipes which are alkaline, healthy, vegetarian and by the way really yummy. You start with toe preparing days, followed by two detox days and four follow up days. You can also book a guidance with Caroline Bienert to make the program more individual. And if you want you can use some supplements to support your detox. About: Caroline Bienert is an international acclaimed metabolism expert with more than 20 years of experience. She graduated as a nutritional consultant in the field of detox and orthomolecular medicine in New York. Further she studied Chinese dietetics and microbiological homeopathy. She also wrote the Detox Body Book which helps you to a better and healthier lifestyle.


IRMA: What is detox?
Caroline Bienert:Detox is the best way to get toxins out of the body. Because over the years the body accumulates toxins that are caused by food, stress, environmental pollution, bad sleep and some other reasons. This can cause illnesses over the time. The first signs are for example fatigue, constipation, bloating and skin problems.

IRMA: How long should you do a cure?
Caroline Bienert:
This is very individual but should take at least eight days to see and feel good results.

IRMA: What do you need?
Caroline Bienert:
At first you need time, energy, money and the right mind-set. If you want to do a detox cure you have to do it consciously. And then you need a good expert or my detox@home program. Cause if you don’t do it right – don’t do it at all.

IRMA: During this time what do I have to do or eat?
Caroline Bienert:Let’s talk about what you can’t eat: Alcohol, meat, animal proteins, wheat, coffee, black tea and above all sugar. And this is also found in fruit, cereal products, etc..

IRMA: How often should I start a new detox week?
Caroline Bienert:If you do it for good health, you should do an 8-days-Cure twice a year – best in spring and autumn, when the metabolism changes. But I also have clients who do it four times a year. If you did it once you also will stack on some good behaviours or recipes.

IRMA: How do I feel afterwards?
Caroline Bienert:
You feel sensational. You have more energy, you are happy (cause depression and a bad mood are caused by the intestine). You have a natural glow and a wonderful charisma, because you are happy in your body again. And you are inspired to think more about your food and your complete lifestyle. You have learned more about your body and know that you can do something really good for your general health .

IRMA: Sounds great. And what are the health benefits?
Caroline Bienert
: The body is discharged, the gastrointestinal tract and the liver are regenerated, the lymphatic system is stimulated. Your hair, nail and skin are better – this is an effect you can see after a few days.

IRMA: What is the most important thing you can tell us about detox?
Caroline Bienert:
In my opinion detox is one of the most important things for the future. Because the environment is not getting better, the stress is not getting less. So, you have to do something to help your body. And the best thing is a functional solid immune system and you can boost it with a good detox. But if you don’t have a good one, rather don’t do a detox at all.


Irma’s tips for more health in your daily life

  • Find an expert who can help you with your detox because you can do a lot of fails, or look for a really good at home program.
  • Buy yourself a good blender. You can do green detox smoothies (70- 80 per cent vegetable ingredients, just 20-30 per cent of fruits) and healthy vegetable soups with it.
    A good blender is one of the best partners for a successful detox cure. Because especially green smoothies contains chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and tace elements. With a high performance blender like the new Vitamix E 310 you can also prepare detox soups without an often.


  • Drink more water and herbal tea that is alkaline. This is good for your metabolism and helps the body to bring out toxins.
    Drink ¼ to 1 Litre of alkaline tea a day. The Basischer Detox Entsäuerungstee contains 7 blossoms like lavender, primrose and elder.


  • Take a beautiful bottle made of glass always with you. So, you can drink whenever you want and do not have to buy plastic bottles.
  • Take an alkaline bath twice a week. Cause if your body is over acidified, diseases can develop. If you drink an alkaline tea your body needs the bath to bring out the toxins through the skin. Relax in your bathtub for one hour, cause the detox begins after 30 minutes.
  • Keep calm while your detox. Go outside for a walk, relax, enjoy a smooth yoga session or do a short meditation.
  • Invest in good nutritional supplements that are high quality and natural. These can give the body valuable nutrients and support the detox.
  • I like to take a Gelee Royal during that time twice a day to keep my immune system strong. Leave it for some time in your mouth before swallowing it down.
    The Matricell Königinnen Trank von St. Johanser with royal jelly supplies the body with important vital substances, protects it from over-acidification and stabilizes the immune system.


  • You can also always carry one little ampoule with you when leaving your home and take it when you feel dizzy.