Day to night stress relief by Clarins

VIGNETTE-BACK-TO-WORK (1)From now until the beginning of October IRMA wants to make it easy for you to come back to work. We would like to show you all the things that make life easier and prettier. This time we give you the chance to win a set of Clarins Multi-Active Jour & Nuit (see below for details).


In times of work overload, too many things to do in your free time and not enough hours of sleep and relaxation, we need something from the outside that helps us cope with it all.

Especially after a summer holiday we do not want to go back to bad habits and long working hours but rather hold on to our skin glow as long as possible. Yes, we say skin, because that is where you see and feel first traces of tiredness and dullness. IRMA recommends two products that make her skin feel good at daytime, Multi-Active Day All Skin Types, and nighttime, Multi-Active Night Normal to Combination Skin or for Normal to Dry skin. Both products visibly smoothe, tone and destress all skin types, during the day with Myrothamnus extract, and at nighttime your skin gets nourished while you sleep with organic California poppy extract.

We think that sounds already healthy and promising and makes us want to rethink our lifestyles as well. Follow IRMA’s tips on destressing, working less and getting optimum relaxation.

1.    Start your day 10 minutes earlier than planned so you do not feel stressed first thing in the morning. These 10 minutes are your gift, your extra, personal time. Maybe just stay in bed, think of your day or open the window for some deep breathing or just sing a little longer in your morning shower.

2.    The way you get to work should be relaxed and effective. Take your bike if possible, walk through your city and maybe get some errands done on your way or listen to an audio book when taking the train. Whatever you do, it should either feel good or work as a time saver.

3.    We all have to work a lot but always keep in mind that an equivalent time of relaxation and free time makes your work even more effective. Plan something that stays in your memory as something positive, a dinner party with friends, for example, or a day trip to the countryside. Working long hours and skipping weekends will eventually make you not only tired but also uncreative and mindless.

4.    Plan one hour of personal time into your weekly schedule, book a Shiatsu massage, a sauna, a swim, or a facial, something that adds to your beauty routine and that relaxes your mind. It’s a must!

5.    Drink lots of water and green tea, and eat vegetables and fruits with a high water content like cucumber and grapes which nourish your skin from inside. Think of your food as beauty fuel at least one day a week and make it a routine to eat healthy.

6.    Use your Multi Active Nuit Cream as a mask at least twice a week when coming home. Remove all your make-up, cleanse your skin and load it with Multi Active Nuit cream, leave it on all night and go to bed early. Even if you don’t use it as a mask: the earlier you put on your night cream, the longer it works its way and supports the skin’s own regeneration process.


Try out IRMA’s recommendation and win a set of MULTI-ACTIVE JOUR & NUIT. Just let us now your skin type (“Normal to Combination” or “Normal to dry” skin) and be part of our Back to Work raffle!



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