PARIS: Get dressed with one of this season’s beautiful capes. The perfect cover up forany weather that gives your look the final allure. Whether you wear it with jeans or a dress, on the bike, plane or while going for a walk in the rain. A chic cape gives you that extra drama when you walk through your day.

With IRMA’S styling tips you can find the right cape for you:

1.      Make sure that your cape is not too long when you have a small silhouette, otherwise it makes you even smaller.

2.      Wear skinny trousers or a skirt under a cape to give your body more shape.

3.      When choosing a cape with a dominant print or pattern, the rest of your outfit should give a balance and should be rather in a monochrome colour.

4.      We love the all in one colour look by Valentino which is perfect for a cape in a V-shape (short in front and long in the back).

5.      Use large blankets or a scarf to make your own cape. All you need is either a large pin or broche or to sew on ribbons that hold the cape together in the front.

From top to bottom: Chanel, Valentino, Chloe, Valentino, Chloe