Copenhagen pop-up at Rebekka Notkin’s shop

When I first spoke to renowned Danish jewellery designer Rebekka Notkin, I knew we were destined to click.
Not only do we share the same values of creating and presenting things, but she is also curious enough to develop her collection in many different ways, inspired by art, her visits to auctions and nature.
Rebekka opened her shop in Copenhagen’s most important gallery street, Bredgade, in 2009, where she presents her custom-made jewellery in a magical atmosphere in her studio and shop.

All her pieces are handmade from the purest materials and each piece balances simplicity with a personal aesthetic inspired by the magic of nature.
Rebekka comes from a family of goldsmiths and continues to celebrate her passion for the art and craft of jewellery making in everything she does.

Rebekka Notkins workbench

It was a great honour for me to present our Jasmin Khezri collection to her clients and friends a week before the 3Days of Design in Copenhagen, a city that is well aware of the fine craftsmanship and artisan influences that can be seen everywhere you walk.

Jasmin Khezri Collection at Rebekka Notkin

The collaboration was also a great way to show how well jewellery and fashion can go together when both share the same values.

The Jasmin Khezri Collection focuses on textiles and tailoring in it’s most authentic way. The collection and the unique pieces of jewellery were a perfect match.

Jasmin Khezri Collection at Rebekka Notkin

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the shop and made this collaboration a great success.

Helene Blanche, Rebekka Notkin, Helene’s daughter, Jasmin Khezri

IRMA will be back in Copenhagen and we cannot wait to welcome Rebekka to Munich soon.


Rebekka Notkin and Jasmin Khezri