Cabins: relax in nature


Cabins are the perfect places to escape to during golden autumn days. Their cosy atmosphere, warm light and the appreciation of being embraced by pure nature is what makes us curious and want to move in for a weekend – away from it all.

IRMA found the prettiest ones on Boutique Homes and we are ready to go! Just follow her tips so your weekend stay will be a great success.

•    Take along comfortable clothes made of fine, soft material. Of course it is about chic but more about comfort. Keep in mind that it can be damp and cold and take extra blankets and sweaters as you want to sit outside at night to watch the star-studded sky.

•    Think of your favorite scents. Vanilla? Rose? Thyme? Bring natural bath salts with you or make them yourself with some organic sea salt, very finely chopped thyme and 3 drops of organic almond oil. You will enjoy a hot bath tub and scrub at night before going to bed.

•    It is all about long walks through the woods, but don’t get lost like in the Blair Witch Project and always keep a torch and your loaded iPhone with you. There is nothing better than leaving the public path and being alone with yourself and nature.

•    Make sure to bring your favorite foods with you, but keep it simple. Maybe only a loaf of the finest artisan bread with some butter, fresh herbs or your favorite cheeses. Try to adapt your eating habits to your surroundings and look for fresh berries in the woods which are delicious mixed into your morning yogurt.

•    Try to stay away from movies on your iPad and use this weekend for a digital detox. Your iPhone is just there for security reasons and maybe to listen to some music, but who doesn’t want to hear the birds sing.

And if you are looking for places to go, here are my favorite cottages and cabins, all available from Boutique Homes:

1.  Sussex Country House, Rye, England

2. Malibu Cottage, Malibu, California

3. Summit Cottage, Inverness, California

4. Sea Cabins, Manshausen Island, Norway

5. Croatian Cottage, Luka, Croatia

6. Glass Cabin, LaConner, Washington

7.  Black A Frame, Yosemite, California

8. Casa Pequena, Oaxaca, Mexico

9. Salix Cabin, Rutenberg, Germany