Blankets, the snuggle get’s real

Whether you might be snuggling up on your sofa or using your favorite blankets to cover up your bed: we think that a new addition of must-have blankets comes right on time when visiting your favorite café where you might prefer sitting outside these days.
Blankets are a MUST this season and most of them are so beautiful that you should show them of by wearing them as a poncho, cape or simply like a wrap around coat substitute to keep you warm and nonchalant stylish.
We met two Munich based designers, Nicola Sacher and Patricia Schmidt who have the blankets for this and every season and had a quick chat about the convenience of a quick and pretty cover up right now.


Left: Mohair blanket by Jil Sander Via, Jasmin wears a poncho by Wingate, available at his Pop Up ( till March 2021 ) Fünf Höfe, Munich, Plaid Clamp Dye by Hermes


We met the two Munich based designers, Nicola Sacher and Patricia Schmidt who have the blankets for the season and had a quick chat about the importance of a cover up right now.



Nicola Sacher Plaids


IRMA: What makes your blankets unique?
NICOLA SACHER: Nicola Sacher Plaids are lovingly woven in a Bavarian manufactory. Only 100% finest merino lambswool is used.
The special quality of only 19.5my fiber fineness gives the plaids their unique softness and outstanding shine, that you will love from the first touch. We offer six subtly combined colour combinations in the size 150 cm x 200 cm.


IRMA: What in your opinion, is the perfect place to show of your blankets?
NICOLA SACHER: To see them is to love them. The perfect place is everywhere around you.
As a designer and specialist for architectural communication, I naturally designed the colours to match the current interior trends and colours.
So, you can subtly add modernity to any room with a plaid.

ACNE, GUCCI blanket and Nicola Sacher Plaids


IRMA: How do you see your blanket mixed with different interior styles? Or even wear it as a poncho or coat? Can you please share some styling ideas with us?
NICOLA SACHER: I myself love to regard the plaids as a valuable piece of minimalist art. From minimalism emanates a strong energetic power. It gives us clarity and peace. I am not surprised that everyone wants to wrap themselves in my plaids. The plaids fit perfectly to the hip knitted look of the season.



Patricia Schmidt blanket and Jil Sander blanket


IRMA: What makes your blankets unique?
PATRICIA SCHMIDT: The handcraft of SUJNI is a 150-year-old weaving technique. The creation of a handmade quilt is a highly complicated skill that makes our designs one-of-a-kind. Setting up the loom can even take a whole day before the weaving can begin.
The Eri silk as well as cotton are the primary materials for our blankets. The Eri or Ahimsa silk is known as the fabric of peace. The moths escape the cocoon and are not killed therefore a natural, sustainable cycle. The result is a silk that has a lovely uneven texture, and which is stronger, more durable and elastic than other types of silk. Its unique properties make it cooling in the summer and warming in the winter so that it is suitable all year round.
The integrity of the Eri silk is maintained using natural dyes.
The complex weaving mechanism of the centuries-old loom used for the Sujni method gives the fabric its signature padded look.


IRMA: What do you think is the perfect size for a blanket?
PATRICIA SCHMIDT: Double 2,10m x 2,10m, Single 2m x 1,50m , perfect for every bed and sofa

IRMA: How do you see your blanket mixed in an interior? Or can you also wear it as a poncho or coat?
PATRICIA SCHMIDT: Since I come from a fashion background, I have been working on a morning coat out of the Sujnis. Hopefully it will be ready to be shown before Christmas!
To see my Sujni blankets in one of the most beautiful interior shops at Stephanie Thatenhorst placed on an arflex sofa next to her own collection of pillows made from Hermès fabrics. That’s exactly where I have dreamt these unique handmade blankets to be.

LAVIA and Hermès Plaid


IRMA: Can you please share some styling ideas with us?
PATRICIA SCHMIDT: When I leave the house knowing that guests will come, I throw a blanket just casually over my bed and couch and my rooms are filled with colour and love

Jasmin Khezri wearing a blanket Poncho by Wingate, available in his current Pop-Up store, Fünf Höfe in Munich