Beauty Know-how


BERLIN: Our beauty specialist and scientist Frank W. Legart knows exactly what to look for when it comes to beauty shopping. Follow his handy tips and you won’t go wrong.


Choose a professional beauty store where you will be well advised by professional staff who do not work on a commission basis. You should be able to test and use new creams and serums on your skin before buying them. Ask for samples to take home, so you can test the new product overnight. The best-before date of the products should be far away.


Take a close look at the packaging. Is the cream well protected against heat and light? Is it economically packaged and is the content filled up to the entire container’s space? Does the packaging looks attractive and where was it produced? Is everything well labeled and is it worth its salt?


In summer, watch out for hydrating ingredients like blue algae, sodium hyaluronate and saccaride isomerate.
For night care look for regenerating active care ingredients like shea butter, avocado and peach stone oil, gamma oryzanol, mimosa, cupuaçu butter, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and calming ingredients like buckwheat and active ingredients against stress, so called tocopherol, and for the super-conscious  Super oxide dismutase (SOD)
•    Make sure that your new skin care does not contain any or only some solubilizer, such as Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, which the skin more pervious to pollutants for instance and more susceptible to irritations
•    Silicones and silicone oils, like dimethicone, which seem to make the skin soft, but are absolutely useless.
•    If there are too many “free of…” listings, it is probably not worth buying, and the fact that no animal testing has been done is absolutely normal nowadays and shouldn’t be worth mentioning.


The products Mr. Legart would advise to buy now:

DEWDROP ELIXIR BY AMBUJA, the perfect hydrating booster, which can also be used as a mask for tired eyes. Put it into the fridge and use it as an chilled booster in summer.

XEN TAN FACE TANNER, a great self-tanning cream for the face which gives a natural glow

DEĀGE TRIPLE BODY SCULPTOR 66 for a perfect body contour which acts like a fat burner and body guard.

YVES SAINT LAURENT TOUCHE ECLAT always erases dark circles  and works perfectly as an eye illuminating opener.

NUDE FOAM by AMBUJA cleans and tones the skin and provides a perfect glow.