Beatrice Pedersen. Living ceramic art

I met Beatrice Pedersen through a Swedish friend and the minute I entered her house I was sure that we can collaborate well for a common project. The project was found very quickly and since more than a month we have been developing a common language but still with each other’s voices and creativity. Meet Beatrice in her house and discover more of our collaborated ceramic art.

Beatrice in her house in Nymphenburg, Munich.

IRMA: Tell me about how you started with Ceramic art?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: I have always loved all kinds of crafts, but especially clay. You press your thumb into soft clay and instantly it becomes one of a kind. It began with evening classes in high school. In my early twenties I visited the Berufsfachschule für Keramik in Landshut, Bavaria and after that other schools and internships followed.

IRMA: There are so many different styles and translations of ceramic art. Is it difficult to find your own language?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: You are so right, Jasmin, the differences of expressions in clay are end-less. I still think it is amazing. I actually have never really been thinking of finding my own language. I just do and this is what comes out. Just be true to yourself. We are all unique humans but „you can’t reinvent the wheel “.

A shelf of Beatrice ceramic art which has a strong focus on surface and structure.

IRMA: You not only create vessels, mugs and plates but also a range of lamps. How did you come up with the idea and are there more objects in the pipeline that are different and made out of ceramics?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: Ideas come by doing actually. It’s like a puzzle. One piece brings you to another. But it’s a lot of testing. Many of the ideas don’t turn out well. The pieces get cracks in the firings or just don’t look good. I have some new ideas, but we’ll see if they make it to the display…

Harvesting apples in her homegrown garden.

IRMA: Our latest collaboration is about dinner plates and platters. You have been designing the plates and I etch on them. From your point of view what was the first idea that came into your mind?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: I think we are another’s enrichment. Your expression works really well on clay. The etching gives the plates a good haptic. A collaboration only works if you appreciate each other’s work. Only then you are inspired and are able to find ways that works for both of you.

IRMA: You live in Nymphenburg in a typical artist house with your family. Your garden is a cosmos of the life I would like to live. Tell us about how you put everything together in the house and the garden?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: For me a home is, and have always been, super important. I value it highly to have a place where you are safe and feel comfort. I grew up on the countryside. Most of veggies we ate were from mother’s garden. Bread, marmalade, pickles, cakes, lemonade, you name it, we ate all homemade. My garden on Munich is not big, 50 m² at the most. But big enough for some fruit trees, veggies and 4 chickens. And of course, flowers.

More of her ceramic art. There are so many different styles and languages to translate ceramics.

IRMA: You love to work with plants and nature, what is your next plan?
BEATRICE PEDERSON: Yes. I would love the work with garden design professionally. That is my vision for the future. To be able to combine both. Gardening have always been my hobby that has become more and more my passion. Not only the true beauty of flowers and plants. But also, the natural cycle from a seed that grows to become a plant, droop, dies and then become earth and gives energy for coming plants. Just so beautiful.

The Family dog Allie.

IRMA: You are born in Sweden; what do you miss most and where can you find a bit of it in your now hometown Munich? Can you share some places and addresses with us?
BEATRICE PEDERSEN: What I miss about Sweden are of course my family and friends. But also, the nature and language. We are fortunate to have a little house by the sea in my hometown on the west coast and we spend every summer there so I´m happy just the way it is. I love being there. It’s truly my happy place.
But I really like living in Munich. The location is just fantastic. In one hour, you are up in the moun-tains, in three you are in Italy. But going back home to Munich on Sunday afternoon on the highway is less fun… I also enjoy the diversity here. I have friends in different ages and lifestyles and that gives me good energy. I work from home; the kids are home for lunch, and I don’t leave my hood as much as I sometimes would like to. But we have of course the beautiful Nymphenburger Park where I daily walk our dog Allie, and the Botanical Garden. Always worth a visit. All year around.

A lamp in collaboration with @svenskttenn.


A sneak peek with IRMA out of the oven before the glaze.


… and our first try. Beatrice did the plates and I etched on them . Let’s see ….