Aperitivo Hour


MUNICH: The blue hour is there to enjoy a cocktail or another summer drink in your favorite bar, and when I’m in Munich, I go to Charles Schumann. Either to the Hofgarten or to his Tagesbar, where barkeeper Flinn’s creativity fulfilled a special request and created new delicious cocktails especially for IRMA and her friends. Most of them are classics, slightly twisted with Finn’s creativity and some are especially made for IRMASWORLD to enjoy at home or with your friends at Schumann’s.

All you need is are the best ingredients, a selection of good glasses (BASIC BAR SELECTION by Charles Schumann, for Schott Zwiesel) and a few minutes to mix it all up.

All you need: 2 slices of pineapple, mixed in a blender, 1cl Blue Curacao, slightly diluted with honey, juice of half a lemon, juice of one lime, 1 TS white sugar
How to mix it up: Mix all ingredients in a blender and fill in small cocktail glass, floated with blue curaçao syrup
Glass: Cocktail Glass 8750/188

All you need: 2cl Biancosanti, 1cl Antico Rosso, 3cl Campari, Seven Up,  2 thin slices of cucumber, orange & lemon zest, one slice of apple, some mint leaves and one raspberry
How to mix it up: Put all ingredients straight into the whisky glass with ice cubes, garnished with cucumber, apple, raspberry and fresh mint leaves. topped with seven up.
Glass: Tumbler Whisky 870/60

All you need: Juice half a large cucumber, 1cl lime juice, 1 cl sugar syrup, soda water and thin slices of cucumber for decoration
How to mix it up: Take a large tumbler with some ice cubes and mix all the ingredients together, decorate with cucumber slices.
Glass: Tumbler Soft drink No. 2, 8750/540

All you need: 1 ristretto espresso, 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, 1cl dash of Kahlua liqueur, 1-2 cl Carlos (Spanish brandy), ground coffee
How to mix it up: Put all ingredients in a blender and just mix everything for a few seconds. Fill into a glass and sprinkle some ground coffee on top.
Glass: Cocktail Glass, 8750/188

All You need: 0.1 l Prosecco, pureed berries (4 raspberries, 4 strawberries, 4 blueberries), crushed ice, one teaspoon white sugar
How to mix it up: put all the berries, the sugar, the crushed ice and the prosecco into a blender and mix it up, fill the liquid into a champagne glass (half full) and top up with ice-cold Prosecco or champagne
Glass: Champagne Glass 8750/77

All you need: 1 glass of chilled rosé wine, 1 cl peach liqueur, 3 thin slices of white peach, dash of soda water, mint leaves
How to mix it up: Put all ingredients in a shaker together with the ice cubes and mix well, top the drink with the peach slices and fresh mint leaves.
Glass: Tumbler Softdrink No. 3, 8750/380