A Save the Vintage Date

Every now and then we from the Jasmin Khezri Collection love to get together with Carolin Sangha and Stephanie Thatenhorst to create some jingle and mingle when it comes to fashion and interiors. Here we go, a two-day pop-up at

Stephanie Thatenhorst’s showroom
at Theresienstrasse 31 in Munich
on the 9th and 11th of July
daily from 11am to 6pm.

Please forward our invitation to friends, family and all vintage enthusiasts.

Vintage is back in vogue. The secondhand market offers a chance to acquire something new with a smaller carbon footprint and even more style. In our view, luxury items like Dior and Chanel age like fine wine, increasing in value over time. Mix and match, invest in unique pieces, and enjoy crafting your personal style with items rich in history.

At this pop-up, three creative women have curated their wardrobes, accessories, and interiors, showcasing their favorites for you to mix and match.

Expect classic interiors paired with second-hand treasures like Loewe shoes and a Chanel 2021 jumpsuit from Virginie Viard’s debut collection, complemented by stunning vintage MARNI earrings.

Drop by, enjoy a glass of champagne, explore our blend of vintage fashion and interior design, engage in conversation, swap ideas, or simply fall in love with what you discover. We can’t wait to welcome you!


Did you know that vintage has to be at least 20 years old? Saint Laurent bag from 2004, Saint Lauren shoes summer 2023.


Denim jacket by Chanel, silk trousers by Hermès, canvas shoes by Chanel, circa 1989.


A silk proto-type dress by Jasmin Khezri Collection that was never produced, puffs and side tables by Stephanie Thatenhorst Interior.


Silk dress by Jasmin Khezri, bag and shoes by Saint Laurent.


Mix and match, an interior by Stephanie Thatenhorst and some gold-plated earrings by MARNI.


A puff chair by Stephanie Thatenhorst and a pleated cotton skirt by Miu Miu.


Sandals by Lanvin.


Greta wears a vintage Saint Laurent blouse, a red Valentino skirt, a Valentino bag and Valentino shoes.


The other Greta wears a jumpsuit by Chanel, crocheted belt by Jasmin Khezri collection and a white handbag by Chanel, 2002.