A DIY to change your favourite shoes this season

PARIS: Just in case you are already getting bored with your favourite summer shoes, here comes IRMA’s Guide on how to make little changes for great impressions. All you need are some ribbons, chains, flowers and spray paint and off you go into your own couture studio, having fun with your renewed versions.



  1. Marker your sneakers in bright colours and change your shoe laces into a bright detail. Use waterproof acrylic paint or metallic spray paint and mask the areas you want to paint for a clean finish.
  2. This season’s Chanel watercolour psychedelic boot is already a stunner. But why not add more colour or paint them in rainbow stripes along the canvas. For a metallic touch, use gold waterproof colour on your black men’s shoes or start slowly with some golden shoe laces.
  3. The camellia by Chanel is a must-have investment. You can pin them to your clothes, linen bags and even shoes or just glue them with a hot glue gun to your black plastic sandals. I pinned my white camellias to a pair of summery espadrilles making them my favourite accessory to medium-length skirts even when going to the office.
  4. Shiny brocades and XXL vinyl bows are stunning on this season’s Miu Miu platforms and mules. Change the entire platform look by coating them with your favourite new material or make large bows out of plastic or latex material and glue them to your mules.