The American baseball cap is what the beret is for the French. One could say a national hat with history.
But let’s not get too serious about a hat, although each one has a story to tell.
Let’s stay with the baseball cap which stands for sportive style, kind of “I am your pal”, “I am easy” and “I love sports”, or at least, “I watch sports”.

Just think of the movie A league of their own with actress Geena Davis.
A cap protects your face from the sun and the rain but at the same time suggests an incredible coolness.
It is also a timeless accessory which is unisex and can be worn either to hide or worn the other way around to suggest I do not care about a thing.

It is a hat with a message : The way you wear it (wear it backwards for the nonchalant : I do not care attitude- but be careful: some people might just think you are to stupid to know how to wear a baseball cap properly

This season we got inspired and created the monogram cap, that we customize with your with your personal embroidered initial. This summer, take it easy and wear IRMA’s cap.

Celine SS21


Jasmin Khezri wearing the IRMA monogram cap in navy blue and the lambswool illustration art blanket.


The movie “A league of their own” with Gene Davis.


Wearing our reversible gilet and IRMA monogram cap.


The IRMA monogram cap. You tell us your initial and we create the embroidery.


Campaign Celine SS21


Wearing vintage Prada top to toe, except the Cleo bag by Prada and our illustration art cap.


Our reversible gilet and illustrated cap.