Furry things

We no longer wear new fur, but we embellished the vintage fur coats which are already there with our signature ric-rac ribbon in various colours.

From left to right
GUCCI , irmasworld, Irmasworld fur jacket, Prada handbag Resort 2021 and a ring by Tory Burch Holiday collection 2020.

Like this a 1960 mink in a cognac colour gets a new twist and matches our idea of embellishment or name it upcycling with things that we already have .

We love the colour and pattern combinations designers think of in their current collection when it comes to furry things.
A fur, or fake fur, is no longer what it used to be. We are against fur manufactures. There are many cool alternatives to fur and no animal should get killed for their skin.


Our 1960 vintage fur coat collection comes with coats and jackets in different coloured trims and are a petite size 36/38. They are all unique, not one is the same and they are hand-trimmed in Germany on vintage furs.

JW Anderson