Sì Passione – all about courage and self-confidence

The latest perfume by ARMANI, Sì Passione, is bright and fresh in its initial impression. Sì Passione opens with notes of spicy pink pepper. Iconic juicy blackcurrant, a floral note with rose and feminine jasmine creates a powerful scent. It is a perfect mix of delicate fragility and strength.

The addition of heliotrope makes this perfume unique and acts as an invitation to self-indulgence and pleasure. Warm and sensual vanilla and cedar wood feel enchanting and make this new scent wearable for day and night.

Sì Passione by ARMANI inspires me to share some thoughts.

A lot has been said about self-confidence, but how do you learn to be self-confident? Why don’t you start by falling in love with yourself?

Treating yourself with your own unique luxury pleasures is a great way to start. Indulge in your favorite scent and enjoy being yourself.

Change your daily routine every now and then, like the change of the seasons. Change is important to get you ahead in life, routine kills skills and makes you blind for new ideas.

Be inspired by the ingredients of Sì Passione, they are each individual and rich by on their own but united with each other they are even stronger and develop different facets of beauty.

Live passionately, whatever you do. If you do it with love and passion, success will come easily, and you will become a master in living your life.


We all say share your skills and help each other when it comes to female empowerment. Start with your inner circle and keep lifting spirits of others, whether you are close to them or not. Reaching out is rewarding and sharing love and good thoughts will make you smile inside.


This article was created in cooperation with Armani Beauty

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