We are happy to announce our Irmasworld Pop-Up Store hosted by Odeeh in Munich from 19th – 22nd of May 2021. We are showing the second season of our recently created irmasworld-The Label.

Jasmin Khezri, founder and creative director of Irmasworld: “Basically, the pandemic has forced us to finally realize this long-cherished dream. When graduating from Parsons School of Design, I always wanted to pursue a career in fashion, but instead I chose journalism and magazine communication design because at the time I felt that this medium was the best place to be visually to explore communication and ideas.
After having worked for many years as a journalist and creative director for various magazines and retail companies, I think now is the right time to start something new with fashion with a contemporary twist.“

We like to create beautiful garments with high quality 100 % natural materials, sourced in Europe and manufactured completely local in Germany.
Each garment is only produced when it is ordered and customers still receive their order within 7 days, as everything is produced on site. There are no leftovers as we reuse things from previous collections and give them a new, modern twist.
Our garments are locally produced by a team of skilled artisans, tailors, knitters and embroiders in the Munich area. These are mutually beneficial relationships. We all learn, we all innovate, contribute ideas and everyone wins.

Our garments are designed to last. That’s why we prefer firmer materials over thin, fluffy fabrics.

In our Irmasworld collections we also have ceramics from artists collaborations, knitwear (starting soon), illustration art and accessories. At Irmasworld we are constantly expanding our horizon to create products that simply beautify our life’s.

We are looking forward to seeing and meeting you this week.
You can download our Summer Look Book here and buy the IRMASWORLD Collection at our Shop