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Do you love A-line dresses, suede jackets and hip-hugging flares, geometric prints and mod colours? Then you are likely a fan of the free-wheeling fashion of the 60s and 70s. Great fashion from this era can be found today at flea markets and specialized online retailers. One of the best online vintage shops, Stoned Immaculate, recently upped the ante by adding their own ready-to-wear collection of retro-inspired pieces. Founder founder Chloe Chippendale teamed up with designer Elliot Hans, the man behind cult brand Morphine Generation, for their new collection, which has all the beauty and originality of fashion from the 60s and 70s, but none of that era’s itchy polyester materials. IRMA spoke to Elliot Hans about his vision and inspirations.

Collage-Vintage-LA-2IRMA: Which is your most favourite vintage location in L.A., not only for clothes?
Elliot Hans: The Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market is the Mecca for my closet, home, and art. I love buying old family portraits and adding quotes or 1970s rocker face paint to them.

IRMA: What is the most important thing you can improve when producing vintage cuts into nowadays wear?
Elliot Hans: Comfort is a key selling point in today’s market. Trying to pry those yoga pants out of girls’ hands and replacing them a high waisted bell bottom is not an easy task. But we found the perfect denim from Italy that looks and feels vintage and has just the right amount of stretch for comfort. We refuse to fall into the super stretchy jean movement, we want to keep the denim as authentic as possible. But the vintage blouses, dresses, pants and sweaters were made out of scratch stiff flammable Polyester and wools. Who thought that was okay to wear? lol We are using the best fabrics for all of our styles from 100% super soft merino wool in our sweaters. We even went as far as milling a custom 100% Supima cotton vintage slub jersey for our tee, and all of our blouses, dresses, and intimates are made out of custom printed silk jersey which feels like a dream against your skin.

Collage-3-Vintage-LAIRMA: Your favorite spot in L.A.?
Elliot Hans: Laurel Canyon

IRMA: How would you describe the L.A. style?
Elliot Hans: Laid back

IRMA: You have worked in fashion before. What motivated you to come back?
Elliot Hans: Yes, I started and co-owned a brand called Morphine Generation (2003-2006), then Literature Noir (2007-2009), then started a creative consulting business, Noir Ark Inc., to help people make their dreams come to reality in the apparel / accessory world. I currently co-own a company called Shwings and have many clients in the fashion industry that I consult. I saw Chloe Chippendales amazing styling and creative direction that she did on Instagram for stoned immaculate vintage, I reached out to her and said let’s start a brand! She said groovy. We launched our online store Nov 15th 2015 and selling at hand selected stores worldwide. I was motivated to get back into the fashion business again to sell directly to the consumer using our social media power to drive sales. We have 130K followers on Instagram which is our driving force in marketing right now.

IRMA: What advice would you give Elliot 30 years ago?
Elliot Hans: To slow down, pause, breathe, then respond, not react. I have rushed a lot deals that turned out  to be more problem then profit, but without the experience there is no way I would be who I am today. Today I see mistakes as growth.

IRMA: What does the name of the label Stoned Immaculate mean to you?
Elliot Hans: It’s a poem from Jim Morrison of The Doors: „Out here in the perimeter there are no stars… Out here we is Stoned Immaculate.“ To us it’s the golden memories of days gone by, when hair was long, love was free, and the music was capable of taking you to places you’ve never been before.

Chloe Chippendale & Elliot Hans of Stoned Immaculate. Photo: © Michelle Mayer,

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